Sleeping at the school

Last night I stayed out at the school. The power was out almost the entire night. Pitch-blackness, malaria carrying mosquitos, and hot air is the norm for sleeping out here in the countryside by the lake. This morning the power was still not back on, leaving frustrated staff and students disconnected from the web.

Tuesday was a national holiday in Rwanda called <em>Heroes Day </em>during which the country celebrates the heroes of its past. The girls here at the school took turns speaking about their favorite heroes and they were even allowed to speak in Kinyarwandan instead of English.

This afternoon I had the honor of playing basketball with the team. I had such a good time. The girls worked hard and were very competitive, something I can certainly appreciate!  As a former college basketball player, I even got to teach them some new drills for practice, and these gals are some quick learners!

This evening we met with all the teachers in addition to Soozi and Shal. They are very dedicated to this project and have certainly persevered to make it happen. Well, off to do some more work and get to bed.

rwanda bball


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