How $15 started one Kenyan man on the road to Harvard

Just $15 might seem like very little to us, but in many African countries it means the difference between a chance at an inspiring career and a life spent picking coffee beans. Here in Rwanda, as in most of Africa, secondary school (or high school) is not free. Bright and talented children growing up in rural areas, often living on less than $1 a day, are simply unable to afford to continue their education.

Chris Mburu is the poster child of what a difference just a ‘small gift’ can make. After passing through heavy security at the UN Rwanda headquarters, I found my way to his office where I was greeted with his huge smile and instant warmth. Growing up in rural Kenya, Chris was smart, but was often kicked out of school for not paying his fees. He didn’t wear a pair of shoes until he was 12 years old. Randomly, a Swedish woman chose Chris and began paying $15 per term for his school fees. She made sure he completed his secondary school. Chris is now a Harvard educated human rights lawyer and has been working for the UN for over 20 years.

An incredible man with an amazing story, you can watch Chris’ story in the documentary, “A Small Act.” He is living proof that just one small donation to a person somewhere in the world can truly change their life. Chris also feels strongly that SeeYourImpact’s model is the both effective and meaningful – donors cannot only change a life with very little, but they can also meet the life they changed.


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