Back in action!

After a bit of a stay in Seattle, I’m excited to be on the go again! Although I must say that Seattle deserves a blog entry everyday because of all of the incredible activities, people, food, drink, and more that we get to indulge in on a regular basis – we are very lucky to live in such a rich place. 

In early July Aaron and I took a trip back to our favorite city – MADRID! It was SO wonderful to be back and go to all of our favorite places. The trip was extra special because we went to the island of Mallorca to see our two good friends, Kevin and Gaby, get married. More than 10 of our dear friends from our Masters program were able to attend and it was a really memorable reunion. 

When we were in Madrid, we stayed with our friends Nita and Justin and enjoyed lots of time catching up and getting to know their new baby, Amaia. 

It was a bit hard to leave, but we left feeling lucky that we have a place (any many people) that is so special to us and one that we know we’ll always go back to visit. 


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