Working at The Hub…Amsterdam!

ImageToday I left work at The Impact HUB around 6PM and walked out into the world. Except, I wasn’t in Seattle anymore. I was in Amsterdam. As part of my engagement with and part of my love of The Impact Hub Seattle, I’ve chosen to spend the first of a few abroad engagements working here in Amsterdam learning more about the Dutch culture of entrepreneurship, social innovation and most importantly, IMPACT.

Only a year ago, SeeYourImpact joined the new and improved HUB Seattle. At the time, I had been exposed to Social Innovation through an elective course in my Master program and through some of my contacts in Seattle. Something about it grabbed me, but I couldn’t really tell you why. I had no experience and no actual achievement as a social entrepreneur. Something about change, about making an IMPACT, about owning your ideas and chasing them was very appealing to me.

Today I finally understood why me and entrepreneurship fit so well together. I read a blog article by Elselien Epema posted on the Hub Amsterdam website. She made the comparison between entrepreneurship and travel. It suddenly became clear to me that for all the same reasons I love travel, I also love entrepreneurship.

I am new to the field and I have a lot to learn. I’m excited to dig deep and find my place in this emerging way of “creating jobs” instead of searching for them. Whether my fate is to become an entrepreneur, support amazing entrepreneurs, or simply travel to get the same effect, I know this concept will be a big part of my life for a while to come.


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