I’ve been here in Amsterdam for about 10 days now. I’m finally getting my groove and starting to feel like I have a purpose here. I had a great day at work today at The Impact Hub where I felt like I made a solid contribution and engaged in friendly conversations with new friends. After work, I took my bike over to Vondelpark for a nice jog and workout in the park. 

Sadly, the last few days have been marred by the horrific attack in Nairobi. As I set out on my own path to do good in the world, it deeply angers and terrifies me that there are such horrible events taking place. I can’t pull my eyes from my BBC World News homepage or my ears from the television as the events continue to unfold. Just this evening, stories about some of the people who were killed started to be told. Devastating, heartbreaking and such meaningless loss of wonderful lives. 

I struggle to understand, I have nightmares. I suppose the lack of reason is what makes it so atrocious. I am thinking about you Kenya. 


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