The [Impact] Hub Life

The Impact Hub Global Network is impressive. More than 40 Hubs exists on 6 different continents and the number is growing.

The vision of The Impact Hub Amsterdam is to “inspire and support social innovators to realize imaginative and enterprising initiatives for a radically better world.” Having the chance to spend time here has been eye-opening. I’ve interacted with incredible and driven people who are making a difference in The Netherlands and beyond.

I’ve met Ruben, who is saving lives by distributing a revolutionary clean cook stove to women in Lesotho and other countries through his company African Clean Energy. I enjoyed lunch with Elselien who spends her time helping people create businesses that match their passion. Harmen spared some time to tell me about his research in the DR for a company that’s planning to build ecological villages for middlie and low-income families.

I’ve personally been working with Rutger, the Partnerships Manager on the team at The Impact Hub. We’ve been creating a Corporate Partnerships deck and strategy that he will use in upcoming meetings. It’s been a great learning experience to observe the way the Hub works here and also play my small part in advancing it towards an even more meaningful network.

Working at The Impact Hub in Seattle I was guilty of putting my head down during the work day and staying focused the immediate task at hand. I wasn’t as open as I could have been to the network and the opportunities that were provided. I’m so grateful I’ve had the chance to see the potential of The Impact Hub’s international network by taking on this “Exchange” in Amsterdam. I see the network being an important part of my professional life for the foreseeable future.



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