First Highlights of Thailand

Seriously exciting highlights: 

  1. Meeting with an incredibly international and accomplished faculty and student body here at Thammasat University
  2. Starting work on a social innovation space – one of the first of it’s kind here in Thailand
  3. Feeling very valuable as an Experteer and looking forward to using my expertise to move the project forward over the next 6 weeks

Seriously silly highlights: 

  1. Arriving at a huge international hub airport and knowing that the guy with the sign that just said “JAMIE” was there to pick me up
  2. Finding a Seattle University sticker on the fridge in my room
  3. Seeing a 3 foot Water Monitor lizard on the sidewalk
  4. Gaining finger print access to my new office
  5. Stopping on my walk home to shoot hoops with a Thai University student
  6. Pushing cars with my Thai co-worker after we were boxed in at the mall – that’s just how you do it she told me
  7. Eating a Thai sweet made out of bananas and after picking out the first few little bugs that were stuck to the delicious treat, just gave in and ate them too
  8. Buying a Thai SIM card for about $1.50
  9. Eating a huge bowl of noodles for dinner for $1.00
  10. Deciding the best way to wash my clothes is just to bring them in the shower with me each time since they are already that sweaty

One thought on “First Highlights of Thailand

  1. I loved this post 🙂 And yes I’m just going back through your blog now… Taking some time to relax before all of the Thanksgiving festivities!

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