Bangkok is a huge city! I’ve been here for over a week now and I’m loving the country and my work. I’m spending my days at Thammasat University (a top university in Thailand) at the School of Global Studies. The University is creating a new B.A. program in Social Entrepreneurship as well as a Social Innovation Lab. I’m involved in both projects and really enjoying the team and the atmosphere. It’s a little like working at a start-up because we get to be creative and we have lots of interesting challenges to work through. Our toughest challenge is continuing to build up the ecosystem of social entrepreneurship and philanthropy here in Thailand and Southeast Asia. Thailand is a beautiful country with generous and kind people, however the reality is that life here is very hard for most. By incorporating this type of ecosytem into the educational system, Thammasat University has the potential to create huge impact for the region. I’m excited to be a part of the movement! Now I better get to bed because I’m facilitating a session tomorrow morning at the Asian NGO Innovation Summit in Bangkok. Wish me luck!


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