A month in Thailand.

I’ve now been in Thailand for over a month. I’m more and more comfortable here everyday while at the same time learning so much in all that I do.

Work at Thammasat University has continued to be interesting and busy. With the stakeholder meeting for the Social Innovation Lab behind us, we’ve been focused on the new BA program in Global Studies and Social Entrepreneurship. This includes everything from creating new marketing materials, outlining a strategy for PR and outreach, recruiting students and developing curriculum. The Social Innovation lab plays a very important part in the BA program as it brings the element of innovation to the academic setting.

I believe the integration of social entrepreneurship, innovation and academia will prove to have a huge impact on the social sector and on international development. It’s a way of bringing together the expertise of academics with the urgency of entrepreneurship and creating businesses that exist to better society. In a country like Thailand, it also has the potential to create more legitimacy and prestige around pursuing a career in the social sector. 

My colleague and friend Viria asked me yesterday what has been my favorite part of my trip so far. The answer was easy – it’s been meeting her and our other teammate Ada, and the other faculty at the school. Work has been stimulating and exciting, but nothing beats the relationships and the bonds formed through the experience. 


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