Madrid for the weekend!

Arriving back in Madrid was as it usually is – incredibly exciting and instantly soothing. It feels like home. I was welcomed by good friends and a comfortable home and spent the first day getting reacquainted with a city I love.

More importantly, I was able to see and check in with dear friends and talk about our lives, our futures and our dreams to change the world. My friends Michelle and Miguel actually flew in from Geneva and Lisbon, respectively, to spend time together and work on our joint project to transform professional development for educators.

Being around IE was inspirational. Despite challenges in Spain, IE is supporting really interesting projects in social innovation and entrepreneurship and consistently ranks as one of the top business schools in the world. I feel honored to be part of the network, and am confident it will be an important part of my life for long to come.

After a full and rejuvenating weekend in Madrid, I had a one-night stop over in Amsterdam before catching a standby flight to New York. Thanks to my friend Brian, I was able to really make the most of my time in another of my favorite European cities. I headed to The Hub where I met with the founder, Tatiana, one of my role models and an inspiration to all around her. I was also able to catch up with a handful of other friends I had made during my time in Amsterdam in September and it was amazing to feel so welcome and so at home. I stayed at The Hub for a mindfulness workshop before Brian and I hopped on our bikes in the cold and headed out to listen to a friend of Brian’s play live music at a traditional Dutch bar.  


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