Hola desde Santiago, Chile!

This is my first time in South America and it’s already exceeding expectations. I am Experteering with Sistema B, an organization that evaluates, supports and helps finance small social businesses (Empresas B) here in Chile and other parts of Latin America. In order to become an Empresa B, the company must take an assessment and prove that it exists to create benefit for society in a variety of different categories. An arm of the B Corporation movement that is spreading across the world, Sistema B aims to redefine success in business as using the power of markets to create social and/or environmental good.

So far, Santiago is wonderful! It’s summertime here and the sun stays up until 9PM! The mountains surrounding Santiago are breathtaking, and I cannot wait to get outside of the city to see the natural beauty of this country that I’ve heard so much about!

My greatest challenge so far is the language – man it’s hard!! My Spanish is awfully rusty as is, and the Chilean accent and dialect is quite different from what I was used to in Spain. However, being immersed in the language all day at work is allowing me to learn as quickly as possible.

Tomorrow I am off to Cajon del Maipo after work with a colleague of mine. It should be beautiful!


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