10 weeks in 70 words

My time in Chile and Argentina was marked by varied challenges, myriad experiences and rewarding accomplishments. While I did not share as much as I had hoped, I did I write one word at the end of each day to capture my experience. The story of my words is one of ups and downs that led to an incredible overall experience and lots of personal and professional growth. I’ll be sharing a bit more context to each week’s words over the next month. Keep checking back for updates and of course if you have any questions or comments please let me know!

Here is the summary of my 10 weeks in 70 words!

Blurry. Challenged. Inadequate. Absorbing. Lost. Progress. Lonely. Unsatisfied. Rejuvenated. Stretched. Inspired. Immersed. Pensive. Eager. Growth. Uncertain. Introspective. Heavy. Disconnected. Grateful. Proud. Home. In-between. Full. Exposed. Fortunate. Blessed. Faithful. Change. Complex. Progress. Full. Fortunate. Exhausted. Captivated. Confused. Enlightened. Excited. Angry. Restless. Jam-packed. Peaceful. Comfortable. Perplexed. Joyful. Depleted. Mesmerized. Small. Unsettled. Relaxed. Turmoil. Rectified. Muddled. Enriched. Content. Abnormal. Disagreement. Confident. Natural. Global. Exploring. Lucky. Adventure. Useful. Camaraderie. Indulgent. Effective. Capable. Pensive. Bittersweet.


3 thoughts on “10 weeks in 70 words

  1. Lovely, stunning, and thought provoking – just like the woman who wrote them. I’m so glad you’ve been charing your journey here, but equally as pleased you’re back in Seattle. Welcome home!

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