The Global Journey

My global journey started back in January of 2012 when I was fortunate enough to travel to Rwanda through my role with The powerful experience opened my eyes to global challenges – namely access to health care, environmental practices, market access and many more. It also left me incredibly curious to continuing learning and working towards a career focused on solutions to such challenges.

In the fall of 2012 I visited India. This intriguing place once again reminded me of the energy and passion I felt when working on incredibly difficult – and utterly important – challenges in sustainable development. It showed me that I had the tools and the drive to make a difference…and left me wanting more!

In September 2013 I set out on an adventure to spend a year traveling the world with the intention of using my skills to give back while advancing my own global awareness, cultural intelligence and understanding of today’s toughest problems.

I left Seattle with very little planned, but with the help of I have been able to work with some incredible social enterprises:

  • September 2013: Developed a corporate partnerships strategy for The Impact HubAmsterdam.
  • October – November 2013: Advised on a strategic plan for the launch of a Social Innovation Lab and on project development for a new BA program in Global Studies and Social Entrepreneurship at Thammasat UniversityBangkok.
  • January – March 2014: Analyzed methods of impact measurement across 87 B Corps in Latin America and created a strategic governance and operating model for Sistema B (partner organization to B Labs) to scale across Latin America.

I intend to use this blog to share bits and pieces of my experiences as well as my personal reflections and lessons learned. I have created a detailed personal development plan that will help me track my growth and my impact along the way. If you are interested in seeing it, feel free to reach out to me directly.

What lies ahead is bound to be an exciting mystery full of learning experiences, incredible people doing amazing things, challenges and life changing discoveries. Thanks to all who have supported me and encouraged me along this path – I’m always thinking of you and I’ll see you soon!


One thought on “The Global Journey

  1. You are on the right path — always. I’m so inspired by what you are accomplishing — for yourself and for others. Keep on.

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